• Language: Aceh
  • Alternate names: Acehnese, Achehnese, Achinese
  • Language code: ace
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Malayo-Chamic, Chamic, Acehnese
  • Number of speakers: 3500000
  • Script:


Aceh is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in Aceh Province, north tip of Sumatra, coastal areas. Also in United States.


Banda Aceh, Baruh, Bueng, Daja, Pase, Pidie (Pedir, Timu), Tunong.

The Aceh Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekab
to blowpot
to breathenaphah
to burntot
to buybloe
to chewmamoh
to choosepileh
to climbek
to cometeuka
to cooktaguen
to countitong
to crymoe
to cut, hackkoh
to die, be deadmate
to digkueh
to dreamlumpoe
to drinkjep
to eatpajoh
to fallrot
to feartakot
to flowileh
to flyteureubang
to growtimoh
to heardeungo
to hidendap
to hitpeh
to holdreugam
to huntparoh
to killbunoh
to know, be knowledgeabletupeue
to laughkhem
to lie downeh
to live, be aliveudep
to open, uncoverleueng
to plantpula
to pound, beatpeh
to saypeugah
to scratchkheuet
to seekalon
to sewcob
to shootpeutek
to sitduek
to sleepteungeut
to sniff, smellcom
to spitpreut
to splitplah
to squeezeprah
to stab, piercetob
to standdong
to stealcue
to suckisap
to swellbeungka, kɨmʌŋ, kɨmoŋ
to swimlangue
to thinkpike
to throwboih
to tie up, fastenikat
to turnceukot
to walkjak
to vomitmuntah
to workbuet
to yawnseumeungeub