Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Akkadian
  • Alternate names: lišānum akkadītum, Accadian, Assyro-Babylonian
  • Language code: xakk
  • Language family: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, East
  • Number of speakers: Extinct
  • Script:


Akkadian is ancient language spoken in ancient Mesopotamia. The earliest attested Semitic language, it used the cuneiform writing system derived ultimately from ancient Sumerian?, an unrelated language isolate.

Akkadian was language of diplomacy and culture from the 3rd Millennium BC to the early 1st Millennium. Survived until around 100 AD.

The verb

Sample verb: prs


sg.3  iprus 
sg.2 m  taprus 
sg.2 f  taprusï 
sg.1  aprus 
pl.3 m  iprusü 
pl.3 f  iprusä 
pl.2  taprusä 
pl.1  niprus 


sg.3  iparras 
sg.2 m  taparras 
sg.2 f  taparrasï 
sg.1  aparras 
pl.3 m  iparrasü 
pl.3 f  iparrasä 
pl.2  taparrasä 
pl.1  niparras 


sg.2 m  purus 
sg.2 f  pursi 
pl.2  pursa 


sg.3  iptaras 
sg.2 m  taptaras 
sg.2 f  taptarsï 
sg.1  aptaras 
pl.3 m  iptarsü 
pl.3 f  iptarsä 
pl.2  taptarsä 
pl.1  niptaras