Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Bagvalal
  • Alternate names: Kvanadin, Kvanada, Bagwalal, Bagulal, Bagvalin, Barbalin
  • Language code: kva
  • Language family: North Caucasian, East Caucasian, Avar-Andic, Andic
  • Number of speakers: 2,000 (Language use
  • Script: Cyrillic script


This Andic language is spoken in Southern Dagestan (in Southern Russia).

Source: Wikipedia
Dagestan on Russian map

The verb

Sample verb 'to plough'.

Presentb-eL'-irā-X ek̥'a
Imperfective participleb-eL'-ir-ō-b
Present habitualb-eL'-ir-ō-b
Imperfectb-eL'-irā-X b-uk'a
Past habitualb-eL'-irō-b b-uk'a
Inflectional Futureb-eL'-a-̄s
Periphrastic Futureb-eL'-ā-ł-o-b ek̥'a
Future imperfectiveb-eL'-irā-X b-uk'-a-̄s
Future Habitualb-eL'-ir-ō-b b-uk'-a-̄s
Negative Futureb-eL'-irā-č'e