• Language: Bosnian
  • Alternate names: bosanski jezik
  • Language code: bos
  • Language family: Indo-European, Slavic, South, Western
  • Number of speakers: 4000000
  • Script: Latin script


Bosnian language is a South Slavic language native to the Bosniak people. The language is notably spoken in the areas of Bosnia, the Bosniak-dominated region of Sandžak (in Serbia and Montenegro) and elsewhere. The Serbian, Croatian, and Bosniak languages are all mutually intelligible.

The verb

The main tenses used in Bosnian language are:

Sample verb: čitati


Person Present Indicative
Sg.1 čitam
Sg.2 čitaš
Sg.3 čita
Pl.1 čitamo
Pl.2 čitate
Pl.3 čitaju