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  • Language: Corsican
  • Alternate names: Corsu, Corso, Corse, Corsi
  • Language code: cos
  • Language family: Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Southern, Corsican
  • Number of speakers: 402,000 (Language use
  • Script:


Corsican is a Romance language spoken and written on the islands of Corsica (France) and northern Sardinia (Italy). Corsican is the traditional native language of the Corsican people.

Corsican has been recognized as a language by the French government. Speakers also use French but many are not fluent in it. There is a movement for bilingual education.

The verb

The Corsican verb, like the verb in most Romance languages has three conjugations:

Depending on the conjugation, the verbs get different sets of personal suffixes in the tenses.

Just like in other Romance languages the verb ésse 'to be' is irregular and doesn't have those suffixes.

Conjugation of the Regular verb 'parlà'

Present participleparlendu
Past participleparlatu
Indicative Subjunctive Conditional Imperative
Present Imperfect Future Preterite Present Imperfect
Sg.1 parlu parlaia parlaraghju parlosti parli parléssi parlarìa -
Sg.2 parli parlaii parlarè parlésti parlarìi parla!
Sg.3 parla parlaia parlarà parlosti parlarìa -
Pl.1 parlemu parlàiami parlaremu parlòstimi parlimi parléssimi parlarìami parlemu
Pl.2 parleti parlàiati parlaréti parlêstiti parliti parléssiti parlarìati parleti
Pl.3 parlani parlàiani parlarani parlòstini parlini parléssini parlarìani -

The verb 'aver'

Infinitiveaver, avè
Present participleavendu
Past participleavutu
Indicative Subjunctive
Present Past Present Past
Sg.1 aghju avia abbia avissi
Sg.2 (h)ai, ha avii abbia avissi, avisse
Sg.3 avia abbia avissi
Pl.1 avemu aviamu abbiamu avissimu
Pl.2 avete aviate abbiate avissite
Pl.3 (h)anu avianu abbianu avissinu

Verb List

Corsican verb list