• Language: Cuyonon
  • Alternate names: Cuyo, Cuyono, Cuyunon, Kuyonon, Kuyunon
  • Language code: cyo
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Bisayan, West, Kuyan
  • Number of speakers: 123000
  • Script:


Cuyonon is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Palawan coast, Cuyo Islands between Palawan and Panay.


Similar to Ratagnon (See: Ratagnon?).

The Cuyonon Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekagat
to blowhuyóp
to burnsunóg
to buybakál
to choosepilí
to climbsaka'
to cookmagsimpán
to countbiláng
to crytangís
to cut, hackgirɨt
to digmakalí'
to dreamtaginip
to drinkinóm, inɨm
to eatká'ɨn
to falllagpak
to fearadlɨk
to flylipád
to hearbatí'
to hidepalipɨd
to holdawid
to huntpangayám
to killpatáy
to know, be knowledgeablekilalá'
to laughtadlaw
to planttanɨm
to pound, beatmabáyo'
to saymakón
to scratchkalot
to seekitá'
to sewbɨdbɨd
to sitmaguráng
to sleepmaturog
to sniff, smellpalangamó'
to spitdurá', láway
to squeezepugaɨn
to stab, piercebunó'
to standtindɨg
to stealpanakáw
to sucksɨpsɨp
to swimɨsɨb
to throwpilák
to tie up, fastenigót
to turnbiríng, tɨyɨb
to walkpanáw
to vomitsuká'
to workbuwát
to yawn