• Language: Enggano
  • Alternate names: Engganese
  • Language code: eno
  • Language family: Unclassified
  • Number of speakers: 1500
  • Script: Category


Enggano is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in Sumatra, Bengkulu Province. Enggano island, southwest of mainland; 4 smaller nearby islands.


Not closely related to other languages.

The Enggano Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteɛha
to blowapo
to breathehap'aʔ
to cookpahbu
to countə'anɛm
to crybɛbɛr
to cut, hackhəkʰ
to die, be deadkaʔa
to digɛnam
to drinkkahit
to eatno
to falluʔūūy
to flyhɛʔɛp
to hitabə
to holddər
to know, be knowledgeablepa?ko'aʔ
to laughkekah
to live, be alivekədh
to saypana, uəh
to scratchhi'on
to see
to sewyaʔ
to sleepwɛh
to spitiit, iith
to squeezepih
to stab, piercehaʔ
to suckhopiʔ
to swellkuph
to thinkakitaʔ
to throwoyʔ
to tie up, fastenraʔ
to yawn