• Language: Fataluku
  • Alternate names: Dagada, Dagaga, Dagoda’
  • Language code: ddg
  • Language family: Trans-New Guinea, West, Timor-Alor-Pantar, Timor
  • Number of speakers: 37000
  • Script:


Fataluku is a language of Timor-Leste. It is spoken in Timor island east tip, Los Palos area.


May be related to Oirata (See: Oirata) on nearby Kisar Island. Significant dialect variation. May be several languages.

The Fataluku Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteisake
to breathenáʔe
to burnalahu ceve
to buytapule
to chewtia
to comemaʔu
to cookaʔa-paʔi
to countekehe
to cryarure
to die, be deadumu
to dreamufarana
to drinknava, una
to eatmace
to fallaracane
to fearmahane, paura
to flyipile
to hearvari
to holdloise
to huntsapu, soro
to killuca
to know, be knowledgeablenavare
to laughkele
to live, be alivelauhe
to plantutuʔe
to saytaʔa
to seeaci, haʔa, toto
to sewoʔote
to sitícuare, ímire
to sleeptaja
to sniff, smellamuhoru
to spitcaha, fulume, mate
to standínehere, inate
to stealoʔose
to suckitimese
to swimpalise
to thinkeceremu
to thrownumu-liliene
to tie up, fastenisile
to turnnakaile
to walklaʔa
to vomitiʔise
to worksirivesi
to yawnáemu