• Language: Gronings
  • Alternate names: Groningen, Grunnings, Grunnegs, Grönnegs
  • Language code: gos
  • Language family: Indo-European, Germanic, West, Low Saxon-Low Franconian, Low Saxon
  • Number of speakers: 592,000
  • Script: Latin


Gronings is a collective name for some Friso-Saxon dialects spoken in the province of Groningen and around the Groningen border in Drenthe and Friesland. The dialect is characterized by a typical accent and vocabulary, which differ strongly from the other Low Saxon dialects.

The Gronings dialects are a kind of mix between two languages: Old Frisian (East Frisian) and Middle Low German

The verb

Sample verb: wezen 'to be'

Present Past Perfect
Sg.1 ik bin was; waar heb west
Sg.2 doe bist wasst; waarst hest west
Sg.3 hai is was; waar het west
Pl.1 wie binn waren/wazzen hebben west
Pl.2 joe
Pl.3 zai

Sample verb: Hebben 'to have'

Present Past Perfect
Sg.1 ik heb haar heb had
Sg.2 doe hest haarst hest had
Sg.3 hai het haar het had
Pl.1 wie hebben haren hebben had
Pl.2 joe
Pl.3 zai

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