• Language: Ibanag
  • Alternate names: Ybanag
  • Language code: ibg
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Northern Luzon, Northern Cordilleran, Cagayan Valley, Ibanagic
  • Number of speakers: 500000
  • Script:


Ibanag is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Luzon, Isabela and Cagayan provinces.


North Ibanag, South Ibanag. Intelligibility with Itawit (See: Itawit) 69%.

The Ibanag Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitemaccaga-c
to blowmas-su-c
to breathemaginango-c
to burnmat-tuggi
to buymaggatang
to chewmangngang-ngo-c
to choosemappili
to climbmakkalay
to comeumaranni
to cookmallutu
to countmabbilang
to crymattangi-c
to cut, hackmacattag
to die, be deadmatay
to digmacc-co-cco-c
to dreammattatageno-c
to drinkuminum
to eatkuman
to fallmadan-na
to fearmaganas-sing
to flowmagagi-c
to flymaccagag
to growmattuvu
to hearmagginna
to hidemangitagu
to hitmappalu-c
to holdmatammi-c
to huntmanga-nù-c
to killmappatay
to know, be knowledgeablemacammu-c
to laughmaggalo-c
to lie downmagidda
to live, be alivemanolay
to open, uncovermavvuca-c
to plantmammula
to pound, beatmabbayu
to saymac-cagui
to scratchmaccabbang
to seemassingan
to sewmaddague-c
to shootmappana
to sitmagitubang
to sleepmae-catrug
to sniff, smellmagaguc
to spitmal-lusak
to splitpaggaddua
to squeezemappazzi
to stab, piercemadduddug
to standtumaddag
to stealmaccoco-c
to sucksús-súp-pán
to swellmabbago
to swimmat-tañao
to thinkmappanono-c
to throwmattabo-c
to tie up, fastenmaggalu-c
to turnmal-leccu
to walkmal-lacag
to vomitmaguta
to workmat-trabaho
to yawnmagg-gairawac