• Language: Ilocano
  • Alternate names: Ilokano, Iloko
  • Language code: ilo
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Northern Luzon, Ilocano
  • Number of speakers: 6920000
  • Script:


Ilocano is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Northwest Luzon, La Union and Ilocos provinces; Babuyan islands; Cagayan valley, Mindoro, Mindanao areas. Also in Canada, United States.


A pidginized form is used in northern Luzon highlands.

The Ilocano Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteag-kagat
to blowpuyot
to breatheag-anges
to burnuram
to buyg-um-atang
to chewag-ngalngal
to chooseag-pili
to climbum-uli
to comeumay
to cookaglu:to
to countag-bilang
to cryag-sangit
to cut, hackag-balsig
to die, be deadmatay
to digag-kali
to dreamag-tagainep
to drinkum-inom
to eatmangan
to fallag-tinnag
to fearag-kuteng
to flowag-ayus
to flyag-tayab
to growt-um-ubo
to hearag-dengngeg
to hideag-lemmeng
to hitag-pangʔor
to holdmang-iggem
to huntag-anup
to killmang-patay
to know, be knowledgeableammo
to laughag-katawa
to lie downag-idda
to live, be aliveag-biag
to open, uncoverlukatan
to plantag-mula
to pound, beatbayo
to sayag-kuna
to scratchag-kudkod
to seek-um-ita
to sewag-dait
to shootag-pana
to sitag-tugaw
to sleepma-turog
to sniff, smellag-angot
to spitag-tupra
to splitbisak
to squeezepespes
to stab, piercemang-dugsol
to standag-takder
to stealag-takaw
to sucksupsop
to swelll-um-teg
to swimag-langoy
to thinkag-panunot
to throwi-bato
to tie up, fastenigalot
to turnag-likko
to walkmagna
to vomitag-sarwa, ag-uta
to workag-talon
to yawnag-suyyaab