• Language: Jawe
  • Alternate names: Diahoue, Njawe, Oubatch, Ubach
  • Language code: jaz
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Central-Eastern Oceanic, Remote Oceanic, New Caledonian, Northern, North, Nemi
  • Number of speakers: 990
  • Script: Category


Jawe is a language of New Caledonia. It is spoken in East coast, Hienghène, from Tchamboenne to Tao; some inland villages on both sides of central divide.

The Jawe Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitehwii
to blowùi, thai
to breathehñana, po-hyeen
to burntexec
to buyuvi
to chewhwei
to choosehñamwi
to climbta
to comehe-me
to cookteo
to countphinee
to cryhye
to cut, hackto-gane
to die, be deadmac
to dighyai
to dreamnep, neu-n
to drinkkhûdi, khûduk
to eathuu
to falltiluk
to fearharat
to flowtho
to flytan
to growcim
to heartena
to hidethii na xoi
to hitkaai
to holdsoot
to hunthaulai
to killkaai
to know, be knowledgeablehina
to laughŋaan
to lie downkhêgo
to live, be alivemaric
to open, uncovertavi
to planttei
to saypeei
to scratchyaxi
to seenoja
to sewthigic
to shootteiʔ
to sittago
to sleepkhêixa
to sniff, smellgoni
to spitsuma
to squeezethebilee
to stab, pierce-dua
to standcuut
to stealguna, gunee
to sucktit
to swellhiguk
to swimhyoom
to think[ne]nemi
to throwthai
to tie up, fastenhwaŋi
to turnthebanem
to walkhya-
to vomitûja
to yawnoahem