• Language: Kalagan
  • Alternate names: Kaagan, Kalagan, Minuslim, Kinalagan
  • Language code: kqe
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Mansakan, Western
  • Number of speakers: 70000
  • Script:


Kalagan is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Mindanao, Davao del Sur and Davao, Compostela Valley, and Davao Oriental provinces, east and west shores of Davao gulf. Isamal dialect: Samal Island; Western dialect: Davao Oriental Province, Lupon along the gulf down to Hagonoy and Guihing near Digos city; Eastern dialect: mainly Davao Oriental Province.


Eastern Kalagan, Isamal, Western Kalagan. Lexical similarity: 72% with Kagan (See: Kalagan, Kagan?), 74% with Mansaka (See: Mansaka), 83% with Mandaya (See: Mandaya?).

The Kalagan Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitema:ngaq
to blowqɨyɨp
to burnsunug
to buybayad
to chewmamaq
to choosepamalliq
to climbpanog
to cooklutuq, subu
to countmaqiyap
to crysugaw
to cut, hackqutud
to die, be deadnyatay
to digkutkut
to dreamtagaynɨp
to drinkqinɨm
to eatka:n
to fallmolug
to fearmallɨk
to flylupad
to heardɨngɨg
to hidetaguq
to holdkɨmɨq
to huntdɨt
to killpatay
to know, be knowledgeablekaqadiqan
to laughqikɨl
to planttanɨm
to pound, beatbayu
to saylaw
to scratchmakatil, qalut
to seekitaq
to sewteq
to sitqingkud
to sleepkatulug
to sniff, smellboq
to spitqɨlɨb
to squeezetigmɨs
to stab, piercedugsang
to standqindɨg
to stealta:kaw
to sucksɨpsɨp
to swimkapay
to throwbintu
to tie up, fastenbanggɨt
to turngiling
to walkpa:naw
to vomitsuka
to workqimoq
to yawn