• Language: Kaulong
  • Alternate names: Kowlong, Pasismanua
  • Language code: pss
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Western Oceanic, North New Guinea, Ngero-Vitiaz, Vitiaz, Southwest New Britain, Arawe-Pasismanua, Pasismanua
  • Number of speakers: 4000
  • Script:


Kaulong is a language of Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in West New Britain Province, Kandrian district, southwest.


East Inland Kaulong, Kaulong. Miu (See: Miu?), Aighon (See: Aighon?), and Senseng (See: Sengseng) may be dialects (Wurm and Hattori 1981).

The Kaulong Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteiyan, koh, tuk
to blowmiyuŋ
to breatheɛmiyu
to burni
to buykul
to chewkaip
to climbsi put
to comemɛ, mu
to cooksut, wut
to counttik
to cryhau
to cut, hacktai
to die, be deadhun
to digkil
to dreamyol
to drinkum
to eati
to fallploŋ
to fearlɛm
to flowsut
to flyyap
to growplok
to hearhul
to hidekis
to hitsop
to holdsum
to hunthip
to killḇi
to know, be knowledgeablekamo
to laughles
to lie downnuk
to live, be alivein
to open, uncoverlap
to planthwa
to pound, beattut
to saysakal, wo
to scratchkalɛk
to seeion, kon
to sewtara
to sit
to sleepnahauŋ
to sniff, smellpɛk
to spitkimos, kuhwah
to splitpal
to squeezepaŋ
to stab, pierceklaf
to standpit
to stealyɛm
to suckmlor̃e
to swellsom
to swimsu
to thinktulu
to throwsik
to tie up, fastenpuh
to turnpaiʔh
to walkmut
to vomitmur̃|wuk
to workkum
to yawntak