• Language: Klon
  • Alternate names: Kalong, Kelon, Kelong, Kolon
  • Language code: kyo
  • Language family: Trans-New Guinea, West, Timor-Alor-Pantar, Alor-Pantar, Alor
  • Number of speakers: 5000
  • Script: Category


Klon is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Southwest, Alor island, Halerman, Margera, Manatang, Probur, Probur Utara, and Tribur villages.


Klon Bring, Klon Paneia.

The Klon Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteeh, kik
to blowihin
to burnpeeq
to buyqel
to climbmid
to comema, qad
to cookhos, odoq
to countlék
to crygyéng, wiir
to cut, hackgrik, hod, teqen
to die, be deadbeer, ebeer
to digwrin
to dreameper
to drinkdiqiri
to eatkde, mhak
to fallbebein, mung
to fearedan
to flowtweel
to flyliir, tlor
to hearmgih
to hideguguin, tuquin
to hitded, kob, mrung, pnei
to killtber
to laughagar, gheng, qgar, tang
to lie downtaa
to live, be aliveiqes
to open, uncoveras, bang, gbir, glak
to plantden
to pound, beatmagen, tpan
to sayabang, huh, huih, ubang
to scratchkbeer
to seeel, ur
to sewhrot, ilhrot
to shootmah
to sitmih
to sleephos
to spithui, pruin
to splithol
to stab, piercelul, tek, tpan
to standmtén
to stealtka, tka mlek
to suckdup, orooh
to swellwar, war-hong
to swimwren
to thinkkirkir, yetara
to throwbras, godol
to tie up, fastenik, ikib, lek, pat
to turnwar
to walklam, miap
to vomiting
to workgnohwer, kuk
to yawn