• Language: Kriol
  • Alternate names: Roper-Bamyili Creole
  • Language code: rop
  • Language family: Creole, English Based, Pacific
  • Number of speakers: 10000
  • Script:


Kriol is an Australian creole language that developed initially in the region of Sydney and Newcastle in New South Wales in the early days of White colonisation, and then moved west and north with White and Black stockmen and others.

Both Kriol and Torres Strait Creole are spreading and are nearly overlapping in Queensland.

The verb

Despite the language's similarities to English in vocabulary, it has a distinct syntactic structure and grammar, and is, therefore, a language in its own right.

Tenses are distinguished by particles;

Verbs can take various affixes to denote direction and aspect.

Sample Sentences

wi go rait thruwe'll go straight there without stopping
gidim bodotake a picture
grajim meinggo tridig up a mango tree
Dei bin wajam garra1 hosThey washed it with a hose

Notes: 1 garra means 'with' here.

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