• Language: Ludian
  • Alternate names: Lyudikovian, Lyudic, Ludic, Ludic Karelian
  • Language code: lud
  • Language family: Uralic, Finnic
  • Number of speakers: 5000
  • Script: Latin script


Ludian is spoken in the Republic of Karelia, near the northeastern shore of Lake Onega, including some child-speakers. The area is over 200 km long and about 30 km wide. The southern part of the area is located in the village of Kuujärvi Paloniem and the northern part is in Palolamb. Some speakers also speaks Russian. Some consider it a dialect of Karelian language or Veps language.

LYYDILAINE (ГАЗЕТА КАРЕЛОВ-ЛЮДИКОВ), The first issue of Lyydilaine monthly public newspaper in Lydic
Lyydilaine newspaper


There are three main dialects in the Ludian

Each of the dialects has influences from neighbouring languages: Northern Ludian is influenced by Karelian proper (especially South Karelian), Middle Ludian is influenced by Olonets Karelian, and Kuujärvi Ludian is influenced by the Veps language. Järventakuinen, Lohmoja, and Prääsä of Saava are extinct dialects.

The Verb

Ludian is transitional between Livvi and Veps, so the verb conjugation is close to them.

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