Lun Bawang


  • Language: Lun Bawang
  • Alternate names: Lun Daya, Lun Dayah, Lun Daye, Lun Dayoh, Lundaya Putuk, Lundayeh, Southern Murut
  • Language code: lnd
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, North Borneo, North Sarawakan, Dayic, Kelabitic
  • Number of speakers: 23000
  • Script:


Lun Bawang is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in East Kalimantan Province; mountainous area where Sesayap River tributaries arise. 2 enclaves in western Sabah State. Also in Brunei, Malaysia.


Lun Bawang (Long Bawan, Sarawak Murut), Lun Daye, Papadi. Not Murutic, although sometimes called Southern Murut.

The Lun Bawang Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitengubit
to blowmalid
to breathenginiat
to burnngeseb
to buymuley
to chewmafaa'
to choosemilii'
to climbukey
to comemecing
to cookngelaak
to countngiap
to crynangi'
to cut, hackngeteb
to die, be deadmatey
to digngukat
to dreamnginufii
to drinkngirup
to eatkuman
to fallinebpeh
to fearmetoot
to flowmesieb
to flytemulud
to growtemubu'
to heardinger
to hidegafung
to hitmabal
to holdngimet
to huntngilip
to killngatey
to know, be knowledgeablekeli'
to laughmeriruh
to lie downtelubid
to live, be alivemulun
to open, uncovermesuu, ngukab
to plantnamai
to pound, beatnefeh
to saymalaa
to scratchmarut
to seesium
to sewderut
to shootmadil, ngefut
to sittudo
to sleeprudap
to sniff, smellmuen
to spitngelicaa'
to splitngafak
to squeezefaag
to stab, piercenebpek
to standmudur
to stealmeno
to sucknguut, niti'
to swellbara'
to swimlemangui
to thinkngerawey
to throwmitung, nalaa'
to tie up, fastenngabet
to turnremier
to walkeme'
to vomitngutaa'
to workngekem
to yawnnguab