Malay, North Moluccan


  • Language: Malay, North Moluccan
  • Alternate names: Ternate Malay
  • Language code: max
  • Language family: Creole, Malay Based
  • Number of speakers: 700000
  • Script:


Malay, North Moluccan is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in North Maluku Province. Islands off of southern tip of Halmahera island; Sula and Obi island groups to south and west.


Different meaning of particles from Manado Malay (See: Malay, Manado?). More similar to Manado Malay than to Ambonese Malay (See: Malay, Ambonese).

The Malay, North Moluccan Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitegigit
to blowtiop
to breathebanapas
to burntabakar
to buybilii
to chewbakunyah
to choosepilih
to climbnaik
to comedatang
to cookmomasa
to countbarekeng
to crymanangis
to cut, hackpotong
to die, be deadmati
to diggali
to dreammimpi
to drinkminong
to eatmakang
to falljatong
to feartako
to flowmengalir
to flyterbang
to growtumbuh
to heardengar
to hidebasambunyi
to hitpukul
to holdpegang
to huntberburu
to killbunu
to know, be knowledgeabletau
to laughtatawa
to lie downbaguling
to live, be alivehidup
to open, uncoverbuka
to plantbatanam
to pound, beattumbuk
to saybicara
to scratchgaru
to seelia
to sewmanjai
to shoottembak
to sitduduk
to sleeptidor
to sniff, smellhela napas
to spittusuk
to splitbagi
to squeezepadat
to stab, piercetusuk
to standbadiri
to stealpancuri
to suckisap
to swellbangka
to swimbatobo
to thinkbapikir
to throwlempar
to tie up, fastenika
to turnbelok
to walkbajalang
to vomitmuntah
to workkarja
to yawnnguap