Manobo, Dibabawon


  • Language: Manobo, Dibabawon
  • Alternate names: Debabaon, Dibabaon, Mandaya
  • Language code: mbd
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Manobo, Central, East
  • Number of speakers: 10000
  • Script:


Manobo, Dibabawon is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Mindanao, Davao del Norte Province, Manguagan.

The Manobo, Dibabawon Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite'kagat
to blow'hiup
to burn'sangab
to buy'bɨli
to chewmama'qin
to choose'pili
to climb'pɨnhik
to cook'lutuq, 'sibu
to count'bilang
to crysinɨ'gɨw
to cut, hackgu'paa
to die, be deadna'matiy
to dig'kali
to dreamtaga'qinɨp
to drink'qinɨm
to eat'kɨqɨn
to fall'quug
to fearka'hadɨk
to fly'layang
to hear'dinɨg
to hide'hɨbɨng
to hold'kɨmɨq
to huntpa'nganup
to killhi'matɨy
to know, be knowledgeableki'laa
to laugh'ngisi
to plant'tanɨm
to pound, beat'bayu
to sayqi'kagi
to scratch'digis, 'kaus
to see'kita
to sew'tabing
to sit'qingkud
to sleepli'pɨdɨng
to sniff, smell'ngadɨg
to spit'qilɨb
to squeeze'pɨgaq
to stab, pierce'dugsuq
to standsa'kindɨg
to steal'kawat
to suck'sumsum
to swim'languy
to throw'timbag
to tie up, fasten'hikɨt
to turn'ligɨt
to walkhi'panɨw
to vomitgi'suka
to worktra'bahu
to yawn