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The Marrucini were probably illiterate, a fact which accounts for the sparse material records of this extinct Osco-Umbrian language.

The Verb


The only substantial monument in the Marrucinian language is called Aes Rapinum.

 Aisos pacris toutai
 maroucai lixs
 asignas ferenter
 auiatas toutai
 maroucai ioues
 patres ocres tarin
 cris iouais . agine

Translation: "May the gods be propitious! A law for the Marrucinian state. Let the sacrificial pieces, consecrated by auguries, be carried for the Marrucinian state in a procession at the fortress of Jupiter and the Tarincris Iouia"

Verb: ferenter ('to carry'; passive, conjunctive, 3rd person plural)