• Language: Masbatenyo
  • Alternate names: Masbateño, Minasbate
  • Language code: msb
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Bisayan, Central, Peripheral
  • Number of speakers: 350000
  • Script:


Masbatenyo is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Masbate Province, 3 islands.


Related to Hiligaynon (See: Hiligaynon) and Capiznon (See: Capiznon). Lexical similarity: 79% with Capiznon (See: Capiznon), 76% with Hiligaynon (See: Hiligaynon).

The Masbatenyo Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitemagkagát
to blowhuyupón
to breathemagginháwà
to burnmag-ánta, mag-úlyab
to buymagbakál
to chewsupàón
to choosemagpílì
to climbmagsakâ
to comemagdáyo
to cookmagsugnâ, magsung-ág
to countmagbílang
to crymagngúsngos, magtángis
to cut, hackmagpútol
to die, be deadmamatáy
to digmag-úkat, magkútkot
to dreammagdámgo
to drinkmag-inom
to eatmagkâon
to fallmagbagsák, maghúlog
to fearmagtálaw, mahadlók
to flowmàáwas, mag-ágay, mag-ílig
to flymagláyog, maglupád
to growmagtúbò, magturók
to hearmagbatî
to hidemagtágò
to hitmag-úmpag
to holdmaghúyot
to huntmangáyam
to killmagpatáy
to know, be knowledgeablemag-árà
to laughmagtawá
to lie downmaghigdâ
to live, be alivebuhay
to open, uncovermabuká
to plantmagtanóm
to pound, beatmagbalbág
to saymagsábi
to scratchmagkárot, magkáyas
to seemagkítà
to sewmagsórsi
to shootmagtíra
to sitmag-ingkód
to sleepmagkaturóg
to sniff, smellmaghíngos
to spitmaglúwà, magludâ, magtúpra
to splitmagbuák, maggís-ak
to squeezemagpugâ
to stab, piercemagbunô
to standmagtíndog
to stealmaghúthot, magpandúkot
to suckmagsupsóp, magyupyóp
to swellmagbútod, maghubág
to swimmaglangóy
to thinkmagísip, maghúnà
to throwmagbunô
to tie up, fastengakúton
to turnmaglikô
to walklakaw
to vomitmagsuká
to workmaghiwág
to yawnmaghákay, maghuy-áb