Master Language


  • Language: Master Language
  • Created: 1907
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: Conlang
  • Script: Latin script


The Master Language was published privately in 1907 by Stephen Chase Houghton. The language itself is a respectable attempt at an international auxiliary language based squarely on a modified Latin vocabulary with English word order in place of the Latin inflectional system.

The verb

Verbs end in -a and are regular with a few exceptions. Verbs are not conjugated in person or number.

Sample verb: ira

Indicative Imperative Participle
Present ira ira! iri
Past ire - -
Future vel ira - -
Perfect hab ire - -
Pluperfect habe ire - -
Future perfect vel haba ira - -

Irregular verbs

Following verbs are conjugated differently than regular verbs: abesa, deba, esa, haba, vela.