• Language: Mengen
  • Alternate names: Poeng
  • Language code: mee
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Western Oceanic, North New Guinea, Ngero-Vitiaz, Vitiaz, Mengen
  • Number of speakers: 8400
  • Script:


Mengen is a language of Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in East New Britain Province, Pomio district, Jacquinot bay and inland. 20 villages.


Bush Mengen (Inland Mengen, Longueinga), North Coast Mengen (Maeng, Maenge, Orford), South Coast Mengen (Poeng). Some linguists separate Poeng (South Coast Mengen and Bush Mengen) and Maeng (North Coast Mengen) into 2 languages.

The Mengen Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite'kalatote
to blowiso
to breatheunala matue
to burn'tun|e
to buykolia
to chewta'muŋ
to chooselo'ŋana
to climb'lopate
to come'atu
to cook'tuḇa
to count'sisi
to cry'tani
to cut, hackkoḇue
to die, be deadmate
to digkili|a
to dreammina
to drink'inu
to eat'kani
to fall'pupu
to fearma'tau
to flow'lele
to fly'lolo
to growlele
to hearloŋ, loŋo
to hide'kolu
to hit'balia
to hold'kanruǥe
to hunt'kelatɔ
to kill'sapune
to know, be knowledgeable'lomatana
to laugh'malili
to lie downkeno
to live, be alive'mauli
to open, uncoverpula patali[a]
to plant'toea
to pound, beat'popomuǥe
to saypaŋamoloǥa
to scratch'kalkalia
to seekele
to sew'sai|a
to shoot'pare
to sit'tara
to sleepkenrau
to sniff, smell'siuŋe
to spit'ripi
to splitlopale
to squeezebibia
to stab, pierce'sule
to stand'meisi
to stealgolo
to suck'rume
to swellluŋu
to swim'goeŋa, ui
to thinklo'kʌn:ʌn:ʌ
to throwta'malkia
to tie up, fasten'same
to turntɔ'ḇasi
to walk
to vomit'muta
to workkuma
to yawnma