• Language: Miyako
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: mvi
  • Language family: Japonic, Ryukyuan, Sakishima
  • Number of speakers: Ethnic population
  • Script: Category


Miyako is a language of Japan. It is spoken in Southern Okinawa; Miyako, Ogami, Ikema, Kurima, Irabu, Tarama, Minna islands.


Irabu-Jima, Miyako-Jima (Hirara, Ogami), Tarama-Minna. Not intelligible of Ryukyuan languages and Japanese (See: Japanese). Dialects listed have noticeable differences, but communication is not impossible.

The Miyako Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekam
to blowfky
to burnmās
to buy
to chewkam
to chooseiraby
to climbnūy
to comekys
to cookmunu skōy
to countjum
to crynaky
to cut, hackkys
to die, be deadsn
to dreamjumi’udu mīy
to drinknum
to eat
to flownagariy
to flytuby
to hearkyky
to hidekaffy
to holdmucy
to killkurus
to laughbarō
to live, be aliveikydidu wwy
to open, uncoverakiy
to sayay
to scratchkaky
to seemīy
to sew
to sitbiy
to sleepniv
to sniff, smellkaby
to spitcypaky
to splitbay
to stealnusum
to suckjuby
to swimujugy
to thinkumuy
to turnmagay
to walkayky
to vomitpaky
to yawnafky