• Language: Mócheno
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: mhn
  • Language family: Indo-European, Germanic, West, High German, German, Upper German, Bavarian-Austrian
  • Number of speakers: 1900
  • Script:


Mócheno is spoken in three towns of the Mocheni Valley, in Trentino, northeastern Italy.

The speakers of Mócheno can partially understand Bavarian, Cimbrian, or Standard German.

The verb

The Mócheno verb is conjugated in:

Sample verb: bòrtn

Indicative Imperative
Sg.1 i bòrt -
Sg.2 du bòrts(t) bòrt!
Sg.3 er bòrtet -
Pl.1 biar bòrtn / bòrtber / bòrper -
Pl.2 ir bòrtet bòrtet!
Pl.3 sei bòrtn -

Conjunctive Mood

The conjunctive mood is formed perifrastically except with a few verbs that have a synthetic (conjugated) form:

bissnto knowi bissat
gea’to goi gang, gangat, gant
homto havei hatt
khemmento comei khamm, khammat
nemmento takei nammat
sai’to bei bar, bart, barat
stea’to standstant
tea’to doRF i tant, P i tanat
bellnwilli bellt, bellat
dervencani dervat
khennencani khannt, khennat
meingmayi mecht, megat, mechat
miasnmusti miat, miasat

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