• Language: Nengone
  • Alternate names: Iwatenu, Mare, Pene Nengone
  • Language code: nen
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Central-Eastern Oceanic, Remote Oceanic, Loyalty Islands
  • Number of speakers: 8720
  • Script:


Nengone is a language of New Caledonia. It is spoken in Loyalty Islands, Mare and Tiga.


Iwateno (Iwatenu) is a register of respect; Egesho is a joking or insulting register.

The Nengone Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekukuc
to blowhnan, uti
to breathenono
to burndenan[on]
to buylae, tize
to chewcapa
to chooseure, ureye
to climbae|gec, ise
to comehuebut, huete, pina
to cookajoni, cani
to countcinumera, ietican
to crymane
to cut, hackciecie
to die, be deadtaŋo
to digcere
to dreamtutuo
to drinkkua
to eatiwa, kaka, kodraru, kān
to fallded[e]
to fearmegigi
to flowcithail
to flyded, naejo, ruel
to growhmalo, puze[on]
to heardredreŋ, taedrengi
to hideoeo
to hitriridi
to holdpunise
to hunttango ia
to killpenet
to know, be knowledgeablecarajewe, thuni, ule
to laughnuma
to lie downguni
to live, be aliveroi
to open, uncovertoebot, tohe
to plantcan
to pound, beatbeie, beye
to sayie
to scratchkeric
to seeciule
to sewyethi, yeyethi
to shootpehna|ni
to sitmemeŋ, meneng
to sleepnidreti, thaetì
to sniff, smellsiŋod
to spitkadeu[on]
to splitceges
to squeezewisereiè
to stab, piercethiŋi
to standser[e]
to stealeno
to suckkua|mimi, kumon
to swellcoc
to swimal, se
to thinktutuo[n]
to throwcedon
to tie up, fastenthurul
to turncolo
to walkhuè
to vomitnija
to workruac
to yawnhoamo