Norwegian, Bokmål

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  • Language: Norwegian, Bokmål
  • Alternate names: Bokmål, Bokmaal, Norwegian
  • Language code: nob
  • Language family: Indo-European, Germanic, North, East Scandinavian, Danish-Swedish, Danish-Bokmal
  • Number of speakers: No estimate available
  • Script: Latin script


Norwegian Bokmål is the most commonly used of the two official written standards of Norwegian, the other being Nynorsk. Bokmål is used by around 85% of the population (regardless of dialect) and is the standard most commonly taught to foreign students of Norwegian language.

The Verb

Verbs do not inflect for person or number. They inflect for the present tense, past tense, imperative and indicative mood. Other tenses are formed by combinations of auxiliary verbs with infinitives or past participle.

All Norwegian verbs can be classified either as regular or irregular.

Regular verbs are divided into four groups, according to how the past is formed.

  1. Verbs ending in a stressed vowel in the infinitive form the past by adding -dde.
  2. if the verb stem ends in a diphthong, the past is formed by adding -de.
  3. if the verb stem ends in a single consonant, the past is formed by adding -te.
  4. If the stem ends in more than one consonant, the past is formed by adding -et.

Sample verb: bo

Infinitiveå bo
Past participlebodd

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