• Language: Oirata
  • Alternate names: Maaro
  • Language code: oia
  • Language family: Trans-New Guinea, West, Timor-Alor-Pantar
  • Number of speakers: 1220
  • Script: Category


Oirata is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in Southwestern Maluku Province, southeast Kisar island, east and west Oirata. 2 villages; Ambon city.


Not related to other languages on Oirata or to central Maluku languages. Not closely related to languages in East Timor.

The Oirata Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite'aria
to blowhuhume, tutepe
to breathena e
to burnulaye, uturana
to buytahule
to chewaria, kise
to choosea ile
to climbete yamoi
to come'maʔu
to cookhuye
to counttaa
to cry'saurɛ
to cut, hackpote
to die, be dead'umu
to digkaure
to dreamupa'rana
to drink'tutu
to eat'mete
to fall'ipa
to fearkikre
to flowelere
to fly'ihilɛ
to growmisi
to hear'wari
to hidelo ire
to hithihele, tapale, uda
to holdpa le
to huntnoure
to killuta'umu
to know, be knowledgeablena'warɛ
to laugh'kele
to lie downi muna more
to live, be alivelaulause
to open, uncoverurahai
to plantmisi
to pound, beattute
to sayene
to scratchu'hute
to see'wataʔe
to sewuute
to shoottapa
to situna'mira
to sleep'taija
to sniff, smellamsoru, amu e
to spitkausa'ʔupa
to splitatare, hati
to squeezetimin kelese
to stab, piercesolorrapa
to stand'natarɛ
to stealooye
to sucktimese
to swellhaule
to swim'naʔajɛ
to thinkederemu, kirakira
to throwilaike
to tie up, fastenile, rakite
to turniliare
to walk'lalarɛ
to vomit'ote
to worksirwisi pai
to yawna emu