• Language: Pijin
  • Alternate names: Solomons Pidgin, Neo-Solomonic, Kanaka
  • Language code: pis
  • Language family: Creole, English Based, Pacific, Melanesian
  • Number of speakers: 24400
  • Script:


Pijin is a Creole language spoken in the Solomon Islands. It is closely related to Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea; Bislama of Vanuatu; and Torres Strait Creole of the Torres Strait, Queensland, Australia and is written in the Latin alphabet.

The verb

Transitive verbs are distinguished from intransitive verbs by a specific suffix: -m, -em, -im, or -um.

There are a few exceptions to this, such as save 'to know'. A few trasitive verbs may occur with or without a transitive suffix, such as torowe and torowem 'throw away''.

There are a number of Pijin verbs which have both transitive and intransitive forms: