Quichua, Santiago del Estero

Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Quichua, Santiago del Estero
  • Alternate names: SantiagueƱo Quichua
  • Language code: qus
  • Language family: Quechuan, Quechua II, C
  • Number of speakers: 60000
  • Script: Latin script


This Quechua language is spoken Santiago del Estero Province, north central Argentina.

The verb

Quechua has two first person plural pronouns ("we", in English). One is called the inclusive, which is used when the speaker wishes to include in "we" the person to whom he or she is speaking ("we and you"). The other form is called the exclusive, which is used when the addressee is excluded. ("we without you").

Sample verb 'tapuy'


Sg.1noqa tapuni
Sg.2qam tapunki
Sg.3pay tapun
Pl.1 inclusivenoqanchis tapunchis
Pl.1 exclusivenoqayku tapuyku
Pl.2qamkuna tapunkichis
Pl.3paykuna tapunaku


Sg.1noqa tapurani
Sg.2qam tapuranki
Sg.3pay tapura
Pl.1 inclusivenoqanchis tapuranchis
Pl.1 exclusivenoqayku tapuraku
Pl.2qamkuna tapurankichis
Pl.3paykuna tapuraku


Sg.1noqa tapusaq
Sg.2qam tapunki
Sg.3pay tapunqa
Pl.1 inclusivenoqanchis tapusaqchis
Pl.1 exclusivenoqayku tapusaqku
Pl.2qamkuna tapunkichis
Pl.3paykuna tapunqaku