Saami, Inari

Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Saami, Inari
  • Alternate names: Inari "Lappish", Anar, "Finnish Lapp", "Lapp", Sámi, Samic, Saam, Saame
  • Language code: sma
  • Language family: Uralic, Sami, Eastern
  • Number of speakers: 250
  • Script:


Inari Sámi (anarâškielâ) is a Finno-Ugric, Sami language spoken in Finland by some 250 people, the majority of which are middle-aged or older and live in the municipality of Inari. It is the only Sami language that is spoken exclusively in Finland. The language is classified as being seriously endangered as few children learn the language.

The Verb


Verbs conjugate for three grammatical persons:

Grammatical number

Verbs conjugate for three grammatical numbers:

Sample verb conjugation: vuollâđ

Indicative Conditional Potential Imperative
Present Past
Sg.1 vuolâm vuollim vuo'lâččim vyeleem vuállum
Sg.2 vuolah vuollih vuo'lâččih vyeleeh vuolâ
Sg.3 vuáḷá vuolâi vuo'lâččij vuolš vuá'lus
Du.1 vyel'leen vuoláim vuo'lâččáim vuo'lâžeen vuál'loon
Du.2 vuo'ḷâvettee vuoláid vuo'lâččáid vuolâšvettee vyel'lee
Du.3 vuollâv vuoláin vuo'lâččáin vuo'lâžává vuállus
Pl.1 vuollâp vuoláim vuo'lâččijm vuo'lâžep vuállup
Pl.2 vuo'ḷâvetteđ vuoláid vuo'lâččijd vuolâšvetteđ vuollâđ
Pl.3 vyeḷih vuol'lii vuo'lâččii vuolâžeh vuállus