Saami, North


  • Language: Saami, North
  • Alternate names: Northern Lappish, Norwegian Lapp, Saami, Same,
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Northern or North Sami is the most widely spoken of all Sami languages. The speaking area of Northern Sami covers the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland as well as northwestern parts of Russia.

The Verb

The verbs have four moods: Indicative (declarative function), imperative (Mana! 'go!', mannot 'let's go'), potential (manaz*an 'I may go') and conditional (manas*in 'I would go; (if) I went'). The actor is expressed by personal endings, including separate endings for three persons (1st, 2nd and 3rd) in three numbers (singular, dual and plural).

Sample verb: bargat to work

Present Preterite
Sg.1 barggan bargen
Sg.2 barggat barget
Sg.3 bargá barggai
Du.1 barge barggaime
Du.2 bargabeahtti barggaide
Du.3 bargaba barggaiga
Pl.1 bargat barggaimet
Pl.2 bargabehtet barggaidet
Pl.3 barget barge

The verbs are inflected also in a simple past (preterite) tense (mun mannen 'I went' don mannet 'you (1) went' etc.) as well as perfect (xxxx) and pluperfect (xxxx).