Saami, South


  • Language: Saami, South
  • Alternate names: Lapp, Southern Lapp, Northern Lappish, Norwegian Lapp, Saami, Same, Samic
  • Language code: sma
  • Language family: Uralic, Sami, Western, Southern
  • Number of speakers: 600
  • Script:


Southern Sami is the south-westernmost of the Sami languages. It is a seriously endangered language; the last strongholds of this language are the municipalities of Snåsa and Hattfjelldal in Norway. There are approximately 2000 people considered ethnically Southern Sami in Norway and Sweden, but only approximately 500 of them can fluently speak the language.

The Verb


Southern Sami verbs conjugate for three grammatical persons:

Grammatical number

Southern Sami verbs conjugate for three grammatical numbers:

Sample verb: dåeriedidh

dåeriedidh 'to follow'

Sg. 1dåeredemdåeriedim 
Sg. 2dåeredhdåeriedihdåeredh
Sg. 3dåerededåeriedi 
Du. 1dåeriediendåeriedimen 
Du. 2dåeriedidiendåeriedidendåeriedidien
Du. 3dåeriedægandåeriedigan 
Pl. 1dåeriedibiedåeriedimh 
Pl. 2dåeriedidiedåeriedidhdåeriedidie
Pl. 3dåeriediehdåeriedin 

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