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South Picene is an extinct Italic language, belonging to the Osco Umbrian subfamily. It was spoken by the Sabini in east-central and southern Italy during the first millennium BC.

South Picene texts were first translated in 1985; they are written in an unusual version of the Italic alphabet that includes several characters not found in other texts. Since then, South Picene has been identified as a Sabellic language that is neither Oscan nor Umbrian. The writers of South Picene were identified with the historically known tribe of the Sabini, the northern neighbors of the Romans, because of their self-identification as Safinos.

The verb


 Matereíh : patereíh : qolof
 ítúr : qupíríh : arítih : ímih : puíh púpúnum : estufk : apaiús :
 adstaíúh : súaís : manus :

Translation: no secure translation for this inscription.