Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Sranan
  • Alternate names: Sranan Tongo, Surinaams, Suriname Creole English, Surinamese, Taki-Taki
  • Language code: srn
  • Language family: Creole, English Based, Atlantic, Suriname
  • Number of speakers: 126400
  • Script: Latin script


Sranan is a creole language spoken as a lingua franca in Suriname. It is the mother tongue of the Creoles. Sranan was previously called nengre or negerengels (Dutch, "negroenglish").

The Sranan lexicon is a fusion of English, Dutch, Portuguese and Central and West African languages. It began as a Pidgin spoken primarily by African slaves in Suriname who often did not have a common African language. Sranan also became the language of communication between the slaves and the slave-owners, as the slaves were prohibited to speak Dutch. As other ethnic groups were brought to Suriname as contract workers, Sranan became a lingua franca.

The verb

Conjugate Sranan verbs