Tagbanwa, Central


  • Language: Tagbanwa, Central
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: tgt
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Palawanic
  • Number of speakers: 2000
  • Script: Category


Tagbanwa, Central is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in North Palawan.


Intelligibility of Tagbanwa (See: Tagbanwa?) (Lamane) 29%, of Calamian Tagbanwa 56%, of Cuyonon (See: Cuyonon) 61%. Lexical similarity: 56% with Tagbanwa (See: Tagbanwa?) (Lamane), 57% with Calamian Tagbanwa (See: Tagbanwa, Calamian), 48% with Cuyonon (See: Cuyonon), 40% with Filipino (See: Filipino?).

The Tagbanwa, Central Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekagat
to blowqɨyɨp
to burnsurib
to buyqalang
to chewpagmaqmaq
to choosepili
to climbqapyat
to cooklaqgaq, lutu
to countbilang
to crysugaw
to cut, hackqilap
to die, be deadpatay
to digkali
to dreamtagaynɨp
to drinkqinum
to eatkaqɨn
to fallqulug
to fearqiqlam
to flylayug
to heargɨnɨg
to hidetaqgu
to holdtapnay
to huntmapanaw qit kɨqdɨng
to killqimatayɨn
to know, be knowledgeablekilala
to laughsɨlɨm
to planttugdaq
to pound, beatlɨbɨk
to sayqat
to scratchkatil, kulkul
to seelɨtɨg
to sewtaiq
to sitqaqdung
to sleepqigaq
to sniff, smellqarɨk
to spitqɨlɨb
to squeezepɨsɨl
to stab, piercesudyuk
to standtindɨg
to stealtakaw
to sucknutnut
to swimlanguy
to throwbakal
to tie up, fastenlaig
to turnqɨbɨg
to walkpanaw
to vomitsuka
to workbuat
to yawn