• Language: T’en
  • Alternate names: Rao, Rau, Then, Yang Hwang, Yanghuang
  • Language code: tct
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Kam-Sui
  • Number of speakers: 20000
  • Script: Category


T’en is a language of China. It is spoken in Guizhou Province, east Pingtang county; Dushan county; Huishui, just south of Guiyang.


Hedong, Hexi, Huishui. Similar to Sui (See: Sui), some scholars consider T’en to be a dialect of Sui (Shearer and Sun 2002).

The T’en Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekam3
to blowthəp8
to breathethuŋ5
to burnta:u3
to buyre3
to chewŋa:i2
to chooselet10
to climbjɔn2
to cometaŋ1
to cooktoŋ1
to countthɔn5
to cryŋe2
to cut, hackte5
to die, be deadtai1
to digtsut8
to dreamvan2 jan2
to drinkrom4
to eattsjen1
to falltɔk9
to fearlwə1
to flowloi1
to flyvən4
to growma3, təm3 ŋa:t10
to heardəi3
to hidetsam2
to hittoi2
to holda:u1, təi2
to hunttit7 thoi3
to killɣa4
to know, be knowledgeableroi2
to laughku1
to lie downnun2
to open, uncoverkhai1
to plantro4
to pound, beatnak8
to sayroŋ1
to seedɔm5
to sewtip7
to shootpɛŋ5
to sitthoi6
to sleepnun2
to sniff, smellnin4
to spittjɛŋ6
to splitŋwa:k9
to standin1
to stealrjɛk8
to sucksut7
to swellrɔk9
to swimwoi2, woi2 ram4
to thinkljeŋ4
to tie up, fastenthok10
to walkpa:i1, sjɛm3
to vomitrjɛk9
to yawnkho1