Timugon Murut


  • Language: Timugon Murut
  • Alternate names: Temogun, Tenom Murut, Timigan, Timigun, Timogon, Timogun, Timugon, Tumugun
  • Language code: tih
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, North Borneo, North Sarawakan, Dayic, Murutic, Murut
  • Number of speakers: 1200
  • Script:


Timugon Murut is a language of Malaysia. It is spoken in Sabah, Tenom district, Padas river from Melalap to Batu; Beaufort district, Bukau and lower Padas rivers.


Beaufort Murut (Binta’), Bukau (Bukow), Dabugus, Kapagalan, Lower Murut, Murut Padas, Poros, Sandiwar (Sandewar), Timugon.

The Timugon Murut Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteiit, kokot, tinduk
to blow-sampuy
to breathe-painawo
to burn-solob
to buy-bali
to chew-intat, -sapaq
to choose-piliq
to climb-aloy, kiwaq
to come-datoŋ
to cook-ansak, -tanok
to count-untob
to cry-taŋiq
to cut, hack-putul
to die, be dead-patoy
to dig-kali
to dream-inuqi
to drink-inum
to eat-akan
to fall-datuq
to fear-laaq
to flow-taas
to fly-siab
to grow-tuuq
to hear-doŋog
to hide-isisibuni
to hit-lambaq
to hold-oŋgom
to hunt-lulaq
to kill-patoy
to know, be knowledgeable-panday
to laugh-kudit
to lie down-luyaq
to live, be alive-biag
to open, uncover-ukab
to plant-tanom
to pound, beat-tutu
to say-indagu, koon nu
to scratch-kukut
to see-kito
to sew-pikit
to shoot-sapuk
to sit-tuduŋ
to sleep-boloŋ
to sniff, smell-alok
to spit-tiwog
to split-lapaq
to squeeze-pagaq
to stab, pierce-tobok
to stand-bigod
to steal-takow
to suck-tiop
to swell-lanit
to swim-saduy
to think-kadaq
to throw-bobol
to tie up, fasten-dukug
to turn-lisaŋ
to walkoŋoy, ugad
to vomit-luaq
to work-kandoy
to yawn-uab