• Language: Twents
  • Alternate names: Twente, Tweants
  • Language code: twd
  • Language family: Indo-European, Germanic, West, Low Saxon-Low Franconian, Low Saxon
  • Number of speakers: ?
  • Script: Latin


Twents is spoken by approximately 62% of the population of Twente, a region in the Dutch province of Overijssel bordering on Germany. Its speakers also refer to Twents as plat or simply dialect.

The verb

Twents distinguishes between strong and weak verbs. Strong verbs receive an umlaut in present tense third person singular and all persons in past tense. In weak verbs, the third person singular is formed like the second person singular in present tense, and in past tense is formed by adding a -te to the verb stem.

Sample verb: loop'n 'to walk'

Present Past
Sg.1 ik lope leupe
Sg.2 lej loopt leupn
Sg.3 hee/zee löp leupt
Pl.1 wie loopt leupn
Pl.2 ieleu
Pl.3 zee

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