The Uralic languages constitute a language family of 39 languages spoken by approximately 25 million people. The name "Uralic" refers to the suggested original homeland of the Uralic family, which was often located in the vicinity of the Ural Mountains.

The healthiest Uralic languages in terms of the number of native speakers are Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Mari? and Udmurt.

Geographic distribution

Languages tree

Source: Vlasto, A.P.: A Linguistic History of Russia, 1986.
Yellow = the area of continuous Slavic population after early expansion.
Uralic languages came early in contact with Slavic languages and
many Uralic languages (tribes) were assimilated.
On the map the following Uralic tribes are marked in blue:
Ves' (Vepsians), Vod (Votic), Mari, Merya, Muromian, and Meshcherian.

(†—Extinct language)

Uralic Languages Sorted Alphabetically

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