Vulgar Latin (Eastern)


  • Language: Vulgar Latin (Eastern)
  • Alternate names: sermo vulgaris
  • Language code:
  • Language family: Indo-European, Italic, Latino-Faliscan
  • Number of speakers: Extinct
  • Script: Latin script


Latin languages

  • Old Latin refers to the Latin language in the period before the age of Classical Latin; that is, all Latin before 75 BC.
  • Latin Classical Latin is the form of the Latin language used by the ancient Romans in what is usually regarded as "classical" Latin literature. Its use spanned 75 BC – 200.
  • Vulgar Latin The spoken Latin of the common people of the Roman Empire, especially from the 2nd century onward, is generally called Vulgar Latin. It differed from Classical Latin in its vocabulary and grammar, and as time passed, it came to differ in pronunciation as well.
  • Vulgar Latin, Eastern

Vulgar Latin (Eastern) is a term covering the vernacular dialects of the Vulgar Latin language spoken on Balkan Peninsula in the Roman Empire.

This language further evolved into Proto-Romanian, a common ancestor of Eastern Romance languages.

The verb

Sample verb (1st conjugation): cantare

Present Imperfect Preterite Pluperfect
Sg.1 cantu cantauam cantaui cantase cantarem si cantu
Sg.2 canti cantauai cantauisi cantasi cantarei si canti
Sg.3 canta cantaua cantaue cantase cantare si canta
Pl.1 cantamu cantauamu cantauimu cantasemu cantaremu si cantamu
Pl.2 cantati cantauati cantauiti cantaseti cantareti si cantati
Pl.3 cantau cantauau cantauere cantase cantare si cantau