• Language: Waxianghua
  • Alternate names: Wogang, Xianghua
  • Language code: wxa
  • Language family: Unclassified
  • Number of speakers: 300000
  • Script: Category


Waxianghua is a language of China. It is spoken in West Hunan Province, a 6,000 square km area, Wuling mountains, including Yuanling, Chunxi, Jishou, Guzhang, and Dayong.


Classified as Han nationality. It differs greatly from both Southwestern Mandarin (Xinan Guanhua) (See: Chinese, Mandarin) and Xiang Chinese (Hunanese) (See: Chinese, Xiang?), but is relatively uniform within itself. Neighboring Han Chinese, Miao, and Tujia people do not understand it. Some view it as a special variety of Chinese, others as a minority language, perhaps related to Miao.

The Waxianghua Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteɳio41
to cooktɕiəɯ25, tsaŋ55 moŋ55
to cryliɛ13
to dreammaŋ33
to flyfi55
to hitkhuɑ25
to holdto55
to laughsau33
to live, be alivexu13
to seemɤŋ33
to sittɕiɛ13
to sleepkhuai33
to sniff, smellvai55
to spitthɤ33
to throwtoŋ55, vu25
to tie up, fastenka55 (ɕiɛ33)
to walkxoŋ13
to yawn