• Language: Yakan
  • Alternate names: Yacan
  • Language code: yka
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Greater Barito, Sama-Bajaw
  • Number of speakers: 106000
  • Script:


Yakan is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Sulu Archipelago, Basilan, and small surrounding islands; Sakol island; west Mindanao, Zamboanga east coast. Concentrated away from the coast. Also in Malaysia.

The Yakan Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekekkeb
to blowtihup
to breathemag-napas
to burneggas
to buybelli
to chewpapaʔ
to choosepeneʔ
to climbpanaʔik
to comepitu
to cookbella, usik
to countituŋ
to crytaŋis
to cut, hackmag-poloŋ
to die, be dead-matey
to digkalih
to dreamteginep
to drinkinum
to eatkakan, maŋan
to falllaboʔ
to feartinalew
to flowselluy
to flylayaŋ
to growsulig, tumbuʔ
to hear-takale
to hidetapuk
to hitpogpog, teuaʔ
to holdkinaputan
to huntpanhut
to killbonoʔ
to know, be knowledgeabletaʔo
to laughsaye
to lie downpabak
to live, be aliveellum
to open, uncoverluka
to planteddek, tanem
to pound, beatbayu
to saypaʔin
to scratchkukut
to seekite
to sewlaʔit
to shoottimbak
to sittiŋkoʔ
to sleeptuli
to sniff, smellhamut
to spitluraʔ
to splitkepak
to squeezetabid
to stab, piercebinonoʔ
to standteŋge
to stealtangkew
to sucksessep
to swellbahaʔ
to swimlaŋi
to thinkkimmat, pikil
to throwtibag
to tie up, fasteniŋket
to turnbira
to walkleŋŋan
to vomitutaʔ
to workhinaŋ
to yawn