• Language: Yapese
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: yap
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Yapese
  • Number of speakers: 6590
  • Script:


Yapese is a language of Micronesia. It is spoken in Caroline Islands, Yap island, 10 islands. Also in United States.

The Yapese Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitek'aad
to blowthoow
to breathepagoofaan
to burnqörfeeg, qurfeeg
to buychuwaey'
to chewlaŋad
to choosemeel'eeg
to climbfoor
to comeyib
to cookliith, luum
to countmaathqëg
to cryyoer
to cut, hackdoedöy
to die, be deadyiim'
to dig[ker]keer
to dream[ma]lik'aey
to drinkqunum, quun
to eatkaay, qabiich
to fallmuul
to fearmagar, rus
to flowluul'
to flychaŋëg
to growtugiil, tuguul
to hearruŋqag
to hidemiith
to hitguul
to holdkoel
to huntmakool
to killliiq
to know, be knowledgeablenaaŋ
to laughminmin
to lie downthig nga but
to live, be alivefas
to open, uncoverbiiŋ
to plantmiyuuq, yuuŋ
to pound, beatpardëq
to sayyoeg
to scratch(ker)keer, guruuy
to seeguy
to sewyip'
to shootyiin'
to sitpaer
to sleepmool
to sniff, smellfaraay
to spitthuw[aeg]
to splitmasëy
to squeezequdiy
to stab, piercerugöy
to standsaak'iy
to steal[qir]qiriŋ, saath
to suck[pin]piniŋ, fil[fil]
to swellmathow
to swimnoeŋ
to thinkleam
to throwmuun, paag
to tie up, fastenm'aag
to turncheleeg, piig
to walkyaen
to vomitsuull'ugun
to workmärweel
to yawnŋuluq