• Language: Yerong
  • Alternate names: Ban Yao, Da Ia, Daban Yao, Eastern Buyang, Guangxi Buyang, Ia Hrong, Iron Yao, Khyung Buyang, Liu Yao, Napo Buyang, Six Yao, Tie Yao, Tu Yao Indigenous Yao, Yalang, Yang Khyung, Yerong Buyang
  • Language code: yrn
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kra, Eastern Kra
  • Number of speakers: 380
  • Script: Category


Yerong is a language of China. It is spoken in West Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Baise prefecture, Napo county, on the Yunnan Province and Viet Nam border; Longhe district, Rongtun and Gonghe villages; Pohe district, Shanhe, Yong’an and Guoba.


Yerong is closely related to, but not mutually intelligible of, the 3 Buyang languages. May be most similar to En (See: En) of Northern Viet Nam. Lexical similarity: 67% with Langnian Buyang (See: Buyang, Langnian), 63% with E’ma Buyang (See: Buyang, E’ma?), and 46% with Baha Buyang (See: Buyang, Baha).

The Yerong Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitehram24
to breathehak31 θan33
to buymi31
to chewȵim31
to choosele31
to climbkjan53
to comeʔduə53
to die, be deadlem31
to digqɔt31
to dreamwɛ31 pan53 kin53
to drinkham24
to eatȵap33, ŋjap33
to fearka0 maau53
to hearan53
to hideqhuə53
to hittɔp31
to huntȵak31 thau53
to killta53
to know, be knowledgeableqa33
to laughka0 θaau53
to live, be aliveka0 ʔdap33
to open, uncoverha53
to pound, beattsiəʔ53
to sayʔda53
to seelaŋ31
to sitka0 ta33
to sleepa33
to sniff, smellmot33
to spitkuəʔ53
to standjut53
to steallum33
to swellkau31
to swimwa33 uə33
to thinkʔdam33
to throwwiə24
to tie up, fastentshat33
to walkkhiə53
to workwɛ31 kɔŋ53
to yawnhaau53