Verbix software has been available since 1995. Earlier names of this verb conjugation software are 'El conjugador' and 'Conjugue'. Since a few years back users have been able to use WebVerbix (on-line verb conjugator) too. Verbix development began as a one-man project in 1995. The author of first version of Verbix, Erik Lindberg, had returned back from Zaragoza, Spain, where he spent a year studying Spanish at the University of Zaragoza. Today development is done by 'Verbix team'.


First version of Verbix ('El Conjugador') was developed in summer 1995. It included just Spanish. From this version Verbix has evolved to a universal verb conjugation software that supports verb conjugation of more than 100 languages. Verbix is available in two versions; Both versions are available as freeware and shareware versions.

Discontinued products

The following products are not developed and maintained anymore: