• Language: Arlipo
  • Created: 2003
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: international auxiliary language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Lubor Vitek.

Grammar without any exceptions, based on Esperanto principles, but simpler and more logical. Mostly international vocabulary. Latin alphabet without any diacritics.

Language sources: Esperanto, Ido and some European languages.

Arlipo is derived primarily from Esperanto, as till now the most successful constructed language. The differences versus Esperanto are not too extensive, so that every Esperantist is able to understand it without any difficulty, but nevertheless Arlipo is a much more euphonic, simpler and easier language. Thus it can be considered as a serious candidate to become an auxiliary neutral language of the European Union and even of the United Nationes.