• Language: Cepperjoleddicg
  • Created: 1998
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: personal language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Chris Paull (Zeke Fordsmender).

I (Chris Paull, or as I'm known in the conlanging community, Zeke Fordsmender) began work on Cepperjoleddicg in a very different form in December of 1998. Today, Cepperjoleddicg is my most complete language project and my favorite. The language is a historically-possible primitive Scandinavian language with heavy Gothic influences and a touch of Goidellic. It's morphologically complex, phonologically rich, and packed full of idioms inspired by Germanic religion. It bears a complete literature, its own forms of poetry, and an alphabet and a set of runes.

Language sources: Old Norse, Old English, Gothic, Icelandic, Swedish, Irish, Gaelic, and the artificial languages Adelic and Scallin.

Cepperjoleddicg has been regularly derived from Proto-Norse with quite a few loans from Gothic and fewer (but still a notable percentage) from Gaelic. The loans are different stages of "assimilatedness" depending upon when I thought they would logically enter the vocabulary. When I was able to decide when a form would enter the language, or when I had trouble deciding which Scandinavian form would be most correct, I let esthetics be my guide. The grammar, though, is painstakingly accurate.

Most of my friends are fascinated in the idea of a constructed language, and though they're reluctant to work on one themselves, they have been learning Cepperjoleddicg through me. The Yahoo! Group Artificial Languages has witnessed Cepperjoleddicg's maturation and the active club members are all good friends, and we contribute and make suggestions about each other's languages on a regular basis.