• Language: Gargish
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  • Language family: professional fictional language
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A constructed language by Herman Miller; et al.

Gargish is spoken by the intelligent species Gargoyles in the world of Ultima. Besides being used for communication by the Gargoyles, syllables from the language also are the source for magical formula used by the mages of Ultima to cast spells.

Similar sounds have similar symbols. There is no direct equivalent of Gargish letters and the Latin alphabet, although it is common to write Gargish words with Latin letters. There are very few grammatical rules. New words can easily created by joining existing words, examples are combinations with ter to form place names or adding lem to name persons with certain occupations.

The latest Ultima Series game, massively multiplayer game Ultima Online, is still played by more than 250,000 players. Some Gargish language is used in place names and has been used in events. Ultima 6 contained the "Rosetta Stone" for the Gargish language, books which contained the original text in Gargish script and loose English translation. Origin later provided a dictionary on their webpage.